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AXOR INDUSTRIES since 1988 is a foremost producer of Servo Drives and Brushless Servo Motors characterised by innovation, high performance to size ratio, flexibility towards applications in standard products and customer-specific developments.

Axor Industries' Minispeed is a modular DC Brushed Servo drive in Eurocard pcb format suitable for low power DC servomotor applications.

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Single Eurocard Mounted Analog DC Servo Drive


Single Eurocard Mounted Analog DC Servo Drive suitable for single or multi axis rack mounting.

This variable speed drive for permanent-magnet DC Servo-motors, is available with 3 different frame sizes for DC brushed servo motors up to 15Nm:

  • Size 60 (63), 140, 200
  • Supply range from 20Vdc to 275Vdc
  • Motor armature voltage: from 12Vdc to 200 Vdc
  • Nominal Current: from 2A to 25A
  • Peak Current: from 4A to 50A


  • Input reference: ±10V analog speed (differential ±10V)
  • Demand current
  • Torque Mode
  • PWM+Direction


  • Eurocard 100x160mm (8÷12TE)
  • Connector DIN 41612


  • Tachogenerator from 3V to 60V KRpm
  • Encoder
  • Armature

Produced since 1990

More than 1,000,000 pieces sold worldwide

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We create more than 1000 customized applications


Automotive, maritime equipment, film and test crash test.


Pharmaceutical production, physiotherapy, laboratory automation, healthcare.


Food processing, dairy products, meat processing, beverages.


Logistic system automation, material handling and storage systems, powered shuttles, palletizing machines, automated warehouse systems.

Higher cusomization

Efficiency-driven, as well as providing more thorough servomotor units, tried cables wired to a portable or fixed installment, Servo drives and, where needed, low backlash planetary gearboxes, we help the buyer in defining the design of the appliance with mechanical and electrical measurements. The enhancement and setup of features in the Servo drives customized applications enables you to finish the picture of what we call TCS (Total Customer Service).

Total accessorization possible

In order to provide our clients with a total service, Akron's selection isn't simply made up by motors and servo drives. We also provide subsidiary components that complete a client device: feeders, power regulatros, line filters, cables and other products that allow us to offer a comprehensive, internally pre-tested and hence more efficient options.

Secure and worthy automation

Axor Quality Administration has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996, the very first Italian firm in this market. Quality commences from the American avionics Halt Hass severe prototype tests, evaluating and defining real functioning and malfunction boundaries, therefore speeding up product time to market and fixing design flaws in-house, ahead of field evaluations.

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Servo Drives and Servo Motors

Axor Industries represents an important reference in the European panorama of manufacturers of servo drives and brushless servo motors for high-performance robotics, plant & machinery.

What’s more it is important to note AXOR’s product & service continuity: products since 1988 can still be supplied. All processes are in-house, from reverse engineering, design and prototyping, through to manufacturing, sales and after-sales support. Axor Industries has gained a longstanding experience in designing standard and customer-specific solutions that generate added value for plant & machine builders.