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Cavi Mack Technology

Axor has been a forerunner in reverse engineered hybrid cable design to support the electrical installer

FastBack cables (CBLK)

Preassembled shielded power supply and signals cables for plug-n-play of Fast-Back® powered brushless servomotors.All cables are for mobile usage.

SuperSax cables (CBLS)

The CBLS cable must be used in accordance with the specifications of the service manual of the drive with which it is coupled.

Mack Nano Clamp (MKNC)

Universal braking module designed to be a constant, reliable protection of dc voltage power supplies against high return energy from the motor during braking or deceleration.

SpeederOne software interface

SpeederOne compatible with: Fast-Back, Magnum400, MiniMagnum, Mack Drive+Power, Micro B Net Digital

SpeederOne.2 software interface

SpeederOne compatible with: Mack Tron, Mack Indy, Mack Nano, Mack Uninano

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